Why Sometimes Eggs in Pokémon Go Won't Hatch
Pokémon Go: How To Get Rid of Its Addiction?

Is Pokemon Go Addictive?


People always run for something that relaxes them and makes them forget the troubles and worries. We all know the recent changes in the world. Every time you visit social media site or news, there is something terrible going on, recent terrorist activities made everybody felt unsafe. So in time like these when everyone is frustrated, Pokémon Go is getting popular. Even developers of Pokémon Go were not expecting this kind of response from the public. Currently, there are more than 10 million people playing Pokémon, it's so popular, even in U.S alone, there is no rare Pokémon left. Do you know Nintendo owns more nearly 30% of the ownership in Pokémon Go? So a few days ago in japan, this game was allowed and the ban was lifted, the government is not happy with the serious outcomes the game but after the release, the Nintendo share plunge 25% and that is a lot as compared to company's previous fiscal years statements.

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