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Well now everybody is happily playing Pokémon (even after that mysterious three paw print glitch) so there is no need to explain to you what is an egg and what it has to do with Pokémon Go, and what is a Pokémon Go anyway? It’s a rare chance that you are not aware of Pokémon Go (as rare as your chance of catching a rare Pokémon). Well if you don’t live in Indonesia, Belarus, Portugal, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, you can check out this cool game today.


In order to hatch an egg, the game requires its player to get on his feets and walk for some time and wait for eggs to hatch. But there is also a weird problem many users face, no matter how much they travel, distance doesn't seem to be counted and eggs just don't hatch. If You are someone who is facing this issue then you should know the number one reason can be due to server issues. Follow the steps described below when hatching eggs.



Keep an eye on the white Poke Ball and make sure it is not spinning on the top left side of the screen. This means the game is facing loading error, means something is wrong with internet or phone while running and loading the game. If you see the Ball spinning, stop walking and Restart your smartphone or you can try closing and launching the game again.



If there is no PokeBall and your internet seems to be working fine then maybe the problem is you are going too fast. The game estimates your speed, if you are above the speed of 32 km then the game thinks you are traveling in a car and this won't hatch your eggs.



Most important thing to remember always makes sure your phone’s screen is on the entire time you travel. If your screen shut off, the game will stop registering mileage. It will be useless for you to walk anymore especially if you're super fat person (kidding). Also, your eggs won't hatch.

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