Pokemon Go Hatch Eggs Fast Trick
How To Catch Pikachu In Pokémon Go As A Starter

Easy Way To Eggs In Pokémon Go


Pokémon Go is full featured game as it not only allows you to catch Pokémon but you can also get it by a source i.e. by an egg. Now you must be thinking where you will get an egg. It’s simple; you can get an egg as a gift from pokestop or by money. You will not know which Pokémon will appear when your egg will hatch.

We can get eggs by pokestops and these are showed on the Pokémon Go map as blue cubes. When you get close to the pokestop, the cube becomes a circle and animated. When this happens, the location of the pokestop you searched will appear in the form of a picture. Spin that picture until the color of the frame turn pink. It usually releases revive tokens, pokeballs and sometimes it releases eggs. When you level up, eggs may be awarded to you.


You can also get an egg by winning a match. Generally, you will get in by the pokestops. We cannot predict which Pokémon will you get but every Pokémon which appears after the egg hatch is awesome.

In conclusion, you can say that it’s easy to get an egg but the problem is to hatch because every egg has its own distance i.e. you will have to walk a certain distance to hatch an egg like you saw in Pokémon series.

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