It’s been more than a week since Pokémon fans are crying over a never ending glitch. People are demanding Pokémon go developers to resolve this issue, perhaps there is more than just a glitch. Read more →

The government of Belarus doesn't want this game user to “catch ‘em all”, because of deadly minefields. Minefields in the country actually date back to the Balkan wars of 1990-95 that killed more than 600 people. Read more →

The fever of Pokémon Go has taken the world instantly, and many countries blocked this game to safeguard public from going to trouble. Yes, there are many downfalls of this game which you can read in news by typing Pokémon Go on Google. Read more →

10 Things You Should Know About Pokémon GO Before You Start

Gotta catch 'em all on Phone! It’s old news when the game Pokémon GO was released; currently there are 9.54 million active users who are hunting down Pokémon on streets. With the release of this game, people just realized this is what they were waiting for, so now not only... Read more →