Sometimes you succeed in getting an egg but you don’t even know how to hatch it. It’s too easy to hatch an egg. All you need is an inculcator if you want to hatch it by normal mean by walking a certain distance of 2km, 5km or 10km. Here we... Read more →

In order to hatch an egg, the game requires its player to get on his feets and walk for some time and wait for eggs to hatch. But there is also a weird problem many users face, no matter how much they travel, distance doesn't seem to be counted and eggs just don't hatch. If You are someone who is facing this issue then you should know the number one reason can be due to server issues. Read more →

The government of Belarus doesn't want this game user to “catch ‘em all”, because of deadly minefields. Minefields in the country actually date back to the Balkan wars of 1990-95 that killed more than 600 people. Read more →